My 8 Goals for 2018: Year of the Hustle

That clean slate feel of a new year is upon us! Time to outline those 2018 goals! I love a fresh start and think most mommies probably agree. It’s the start of whole year that you can shape and mold to be better than those before. Some don’t “believe” in New Year’s resolutions, but resolutions are never bad! You are just creating a mindset for the future, if you don’t reach all of your goals who cares! At least you took the time to identify and be mindful of what is important to you and what areas of your life you’d like to see the most improvement.


This is planned to be a big year for us. Last year was year of the baby. I was pregnant the first half of the year, then our daughter was born in July, and we spent the last half of 2017 learning how to survive and thrive as new parents! This year is the year of “the hustle”! Here are my 8 goals for 2018:

1 – Save $5,000

I had saved up $1,000 during the last 6 months of my pregnancy to give Isaac and I a cushion while I was on leave. We only intended that leave to last two months, but when we decided the best path for our family was me staying home with Jocelyn, it became clear our savings wouldn’t last us. The $1000 was gone by mid-September, two months after I left work.

This year we are buckling down. We want to have at least $5,000 saved up by the close of the year. This money consists not only of an emergency fund, but the start of a down payment to buy a home in the future. That is a prospect I’m very excited for.

With around $400 of disposable income every month after rent, bills, and food, hitting this goal will be tough. We won’t be able to eat out and will probably be spending much of the year living like it’s a “scorched earth”.

2 – Improve Credit Scores

Neither of us have stellar credit scores. This is a real downer when it comes to planning future big ticket purchases like a house. We owe this to stupid decisions in college to open credit cards that we didn’t have to funds to consistently pay off.

This year we are going to diligently work to pay off any outstanding balances and open a secured credit card in each of our names. Ideally the goal is to have both our credit scores in the 700+ range.

3. Read a fiction and non-fiction book every month

I’ve  read far to many studies showing how beneficial reading is to your mental strength and creativity to let this slide anymore. The world’s most successful people are avid readers! I used to be an avid reader from childhood until early college, but as life when on I got more and more distracted by other responsibilities and forms of entertainment.

I plan to read both a fiction book and non-fiction book every month in order to exercise multiple parts of my brain. Fiction will open up my creative brain and keep me up to date on best-sellers and current with my favorite genre, science fiction. Whereas, non-fiction gives me a chance to strengthen my knowledge on various subjects of interest. Specifically I’ll focus on self-help books, blogging, business, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, as well as health and wellness.

I am a fast reader so this goal is easy, I just have to DO it.

4. Find peace in my current situation

I’ve always struggled to relish in where I’m at in my life. Always looking forward into the next couple of years. While it’s important to keep your eye on your goals, sometimes this makes me feel stuck in a rut. I especially felt that way last year and am feeling it intensely with our decision to renew our lease.

We went to school in a small town and rented a small house, two years ago, before I got pregnant. That perfect house for the two of us is no longer perfect for the three of us! We are busting at the seams, with practically every inch of wall covered with our stuff. I am very ready to move out of this small town, especially as a stay-at-home mom it is very lacking in stimulation. I am even more ready to move out of this house.

On the flip side we are so lucky to have this home. It’s not my dream home, but we have a roof over our head and are secure in our knowledge that we can afford rent every month. We have heat, food, clothes, toys for Jocelyn, and a big yard. The town is safe and quaint and we know it well.

My goal is to continue to be mindful of the blessings I have and to live in the present.

5. Blog like it’s a full-time job

I’m new to blogging, very new. My goal is to grow a community and find a voice to share my life and help mommies out there like me. I’d like to make an income from it sure, money is never a bad thing, but if I can’t connect with other mother’s (and other amazing ladies) than I don’t think blogging will be inspiring enough to hold my attention.


My goal would be to make $1,000 a month from blogging. This is a lofty goal for a first-time blogger which is why it’s a secondary goal. Primarily I intend to spend significant time on my blog. I want to hustle for this blog during naps and after bedtime, when Jocelyn plays by herself, and when Isaac is home from work. I will do something for my blog every day, so as not to get into any lazy habits.

6. Yoga 5x a Week

I’ve started occasionally incorporating yoga into my mornings. There are apps now that make it so easy, way easier then when I tried to get into yoga from home 4 or 5 years ago! I use Daily Yoga and it has been easy for me to get done in 15 minutes in the morning right after waking up while my breakfast cooks! Jocelyn lays on the floor next to me and crawls around trying to figure out what I’m doing (ha!).

I currently don’t fit this time in too often and there really is no excuse. On the days I don’t do a yoga routine I sit on the floor and play with Jocelyn while waiting for my breakfast. Since this is essentially wasted time, I can multitask and get a low stress workout in, while still entertaining my baby.


I’d like to do these simple workouts 5 times a week to lower my stress and keep my active!

7. Eat more plant-based foods!

I’ve been striving to reduce my animal and animal-based food products for years. I’m a big proponent for vegan and vegetarianism, but haven’t made the leap yet.

Now that my daughter is about to dive into the world of solids, I want to set a shining example. I can’t expect her to reach for the apple while I reach for the cookies. I want to instill life-long healthy eating habits in Jocelyn and I know that starts with me.

I don’t want to set myself up for failure by saying I’ll transition to fully vegan. I’ve already cut out a lot of dairy product, and don’t eat very much meat. That being said, I want to continue to mindfully eat more plant-based foods without putting too much pressure. I tend to crack when forcing myself into a diet change too quickly. Cravings kill me!

8. Be a Better Mother

I don’t think there’s any mother out there that doesn’t strive to be better. This is the most important goal of 2018. As my daughter grows and begins taking on the world this year I want to be 100% present every day. I want to spend more time playing with her. And not just distracted playing with my phone out or thinking about some adult responsibility, but actually engrossing myself in her play. Teaching her to use her imagination and reading to her every chance I get.

I think I’m a pretty good mommy. However there is always room for improvement. Space to be more patient and to slow down when a busy day is pulling me in all directions. Always more time to cuddle, and kiss, and sing, and read, and hold, and play, and tickle. If I can accomplish that in 2018, I can accomplish anything.


These are my goals for the next 12 months. I’ll be reporting on how I’m doing in reaching these goals in future posts! What are your goals for 2018? What kind of year is ahead for you?

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