Morning Routine With A Baby: Secret To A Productive Day

morning routine

It’s funny how we say well there goes the whole day if the morning gets off to a rocky start! Mornings are so important to starting your day right. I think morning routines are more important than any other time of day. Productivity is made in the morning. If you start your day strong, you can keep that momentum going. Let me tell you what 100% works for me.

  1. Wake up with baby 8:00am

This is all about your preference, you can wake up when your baby does or you can be a super mom and wake up before the inevitable crack-of-dawn when your baby wakes up and make yourself look beautiful. I am not a morning person and like to get every bit of sleep I can and prefer to spend my free time in the evenings after my daughter has gone to sleep. So we wake up together 🙂

Also there is no better way to wake up in the morning then to my daughter’s giggles. This makes me so pumped to get up and start the day with her. We snuggle and she usually nurses to start the day. sleeping baby

  1. Quiet time while I start breakfast 8:15am

Once we go into the living room I change Jocelyn’s diaper and then put her down and turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When my baby wakes up she is happy but still very groggy. She will sit there and watch Mickey with a huge smile on her face because she loves him. This is really the only TV she watches during the day (unless she gets crazy at meals) because I try to limit television time in favor of playtime. During this time I am able to start breakfast because I know she’s relaxing and won’t be getting into anything for at least 10 minutes. Once she’s bored of the tv she usually just crawls into the kitchen to find out what Momma is doing.

  1. Check Emails 8:30am

While waffles are cooking or bacon is sizzling, I whip up some hot coffee and check my emails. There’s not too many that I have to respond to each morning, but I like to skim newsletters and keep my inbox tidy. Also gives the morning a business start so you can keep that business-mind going all day. Checking emails

  1. Eat breakfast 8:45am

We hunker down for a hearty breakfast. Jocelyn is learning to eat through baby led weaning so she usually makes a mess, but it is so much fun tosee her explore new textures and tastes. She still isn’t sure about eggs!

  1. Supervised Play 9:15am

Next I supervise Jocelyn as she independently plays and roams the living room. During this time I am usually planning my day: deciding what I need to get done during each nap, checking the bank account, letting the dog out, throwing in a load of laundry, washing the morning dishes. Jo is usually really well-behaved first thing in the morning so I generally get a “start” on all of the days tasks and will finish them as time allows.

baby play

  1. Nap Time 10:00am

Now depending on how late this momma was up (I’m a night owl) and what I have to get done for the day I decide whether or not I’m going to take a nap with Jo. She sleeps better and longer when someone sleeps with her, so I try to do this when I can afford too because a well-rested baby is such a happy baby. I will only nap with her during her first morning nap at around 10am because if I nap any later in the day it makes me groggy!


That’s our morning routine! Simple but structured and it works to keep me on track to have a good day. I have to follow a routine in the morning or literally nothing gets done the rest of the day because I’m scrambling to start things all at the wrong time! I value having productive days being a stay-at-home-mom and it’s what helps keep me sane.

If your baby is a little younger (Jo is six months) and not crawling yet I suggest reading my post on 4 Ways to Stay Productive with a Baby . It’s geared towards a baby that is in the needs-mommy-holding -me-all-the-freaking-time age.Productive with a baby

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