About Me

Welcome! My name is Sydny.

I am 24 years old. I am a new stay-at-home Mom to my almost 6-month-old daughter, Jocelyn Lee. My other half, Isaac, works full-time in the evenings to provide everything for us. I am thankful to have his partnership in making it possible for me to stay home with our daughter.

Let me introduce you to my family and what’s important to me:


Breadwinner, lover of all things video games, night owl, best daddy, and my better half


My main goals are to provide a warm, clean, loving household. A home of fond memories and abundant learning.


Jocelyn Lee

The meaning of my life, 7/17/17, strong-willed, smart, and giggly girl.



I am a homemaker interested in all things that make life better for my family: cleaning, cooking, dishes, laundry, home decor, home organization, home maintenance, budgeting, recipes, parenting, and the list goes on.



Homemaking gets a bad rap from a feminist standpoint, however this is a new and different world we live in than the 50’s or 80’s. Women can stay at home and raise their kids (saving at least 12,000 a year per child in childcare costs) in a hands on way and still be strong, independent women. We provide a home, the value of which can not be understated or quantified. At the same time we are educating our children every day and in this modern age mothers now have outlets to earn income at home using Etsy or blogging or in a remote job position. We are bosses and homemaking is NOT shameful or useless or outdated and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!